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Dwarka flats for sale

Dwarka is Delhi's only planned development after Lutyen's Bungalow Zone. Situated near India's best international airport with upcoming Diplomatic area and golf course, already functioning malls, hotels, hospitals, schools, plus 4 high speed metro rail lines there is no better location to invest in at this time.

4 bhk dwarka sector 22 flat for sale beverly park apartments

4+1 BHK CGHS flat in Dwarka Sector 22 for sale

Project : Beverly Park Apartments
Price    : Rs. 3.25 crore
Carpet  : 2,575 sq.ft approx

4 bhk dwarka sector 22 flat for sale dream apartments

4 BHK CGHS flat in Dwarka Sector 22 for sale

Project : Dream Apartments
Price    : Rs. 2.15 crore
Carpet  : 2,050 sq.ft approx

3 bhk dwarka sector 11 flat for sale gold croft apartments

3 BHK CGHS flat in Dwarka Sector 11 for sale

Project : Gold Croft Apartments
Price    : Rs. 1.55 crore
Carpet  : 1,525 sq.ft approx

2 bhk dwarka sector 12  flat for sale ishwar apartments

2 BHK CGHS flat in Dwarka Sector 12 for sale

Project : Ishwar Apartments
Price    : Rs. 1.25 crore
Carpet  : 1,075 sq.ft approx

Luxury flats for rent, all Dwarka sectors

For people wanting a civilised "South Delhi" lifestyle on affordable budgets, "DWARKA" situated near India's best international airport, with proximity to Gurugram and with functioning malls, hotels, hospitals, schools, 3 police stations plus 4 high speed metro rail lines etc. is the ideal location to rent in at this time.
With 20+ Dwarka estate agencies in the DWARKAFLATS syndicate, catering to all income groups and budgets, you must contact us for the best rental deals.

Dwarka 2 BHK flat for rent

Airy living area

Rents from Rs.20,000 pm

2 BHK flat for rent Dwarka

Modern living area

Rents from Rs.25,000 pm

Dwarka 3 BHK flat for rent

Spacious living area

Rents from Rs.30,000 pm

3 BHK flat for rent Dwarka

Bespoke living area

Rents from Rs.40,000 pm


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New projects in Dwarka, L-Zone and Expressway

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About Dwarka Flats

Flats in Dwarka provides information for accommodation of 1 million Dwarka sub-city inhabitants with a mix of housing in CGHS and DDA flats for sale in Delhi for various socio-economic groups.

Since 2004 we are among Dwarka's oldest and trusted realtors, specialist for property in Dwarka 2 BHK society flats and Dwarka 3 BHK flats on rent or sale. Founded by retired defence officers we ensure complete transparency in our dealings.

plots for sale in dwarka

Apartments in Dwarka

Apartments for sale in Dwarka are connected to networks of cycle tracks and pedestrian ways which link the cluster and sector facilities for easy access.Such detailed planning, location within Delhi, affordable realty values and proximity to both airports, make property in Dwarka the best choice for the canny investor whether for 1 BHK DDA flat in Dwarka or for 2 BHK DDA flats in Dwarka properties or simply for those looking to buy 2 BHK apartments in Dwarka with a medium term perspective.

dwarka flat

Buy, rent, sell Dwarka flats

Investors prefer 2 bhk DDA flats for sale in Delhi Dwarka and also require Dwarka flat on rent. On the other hand, the end-user segment is now firmly oriented towards 3 BHK society flats in Dwarka which are mostly in short supply or else supply is from the society  flats in Dwarka for sale which have disputes or are for flats with bad vaastu which are on par with DDA flats in Dwarka. Search society flats for sale in Dwarka, Delhi.

2 bhk flat in dwarka

2 BHK, 3 BHK flats in Dwarka

The legal flats in Dwarka are in planned sectors and mostly in the Dwarka society flats in 3 BHK flat layouts but also in 2 BHK and 4 BHK layouts in gated multi-storey with security and lifts. Many Dwarka flats have a servants quarter too. Such flats are to be preferred over the poorly constructed DDA flats without lifts managed only by RWAs with poor security and overrun by shops. Finally, our readers often ask our experts about buying builder floors in certain parts of Dwarka or in vicinity of Dwarka. It is not advisable to buy these builder floors which are mostly very poorly and hastily constructed, and likely to collapse during an earthquake or severe monsoon.

Planned sectors of Dwarka

A planned sub-city of Delhi in close proximity to the international airport, Dwarka is now the prime investment destination of Delhi, demarcated into 25 sectors and regulated by zonal plan K-II under Delhi's Master Plan by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA). Situated within National Capital Region (NCR), Dwarka is now the only affordable and space planned space in the entire Delhi-NCR region for decent gentry and retiring officers to live in safely. Because of shortage of land and water in Delhi, a flat in Dwarka is the only option for young professionals to be connected to their workplaces through 3 metro lines.

Dwarka property dealers

Although it is the trend today to search for Dwarka flats on sale or rent without brokers or to avoid paying their commissions, such investors must take all precautions when they do so. For the conservative investors and for the retired service officers interested in investing or settling in Dwarka, we are listing a few reputed property consultants of Dwarka who can be contacted. The prime sectors of Dwarka are sector 4, sector 6, sector 10, sector 12, sector 22, and sector 23. Additionally sectors 3, 5, 9, 11, 13 in Dwarka can also be considered. Dwarka sectors 2,7,8,14 etc. are not for all investors.


DWARKA FLATS, established in 2004, is the first choice for rentals of DDA and society flats, for budget-conscious determined renters.

MAJESTIC PROPERTY, founded, 2002, is the choice of government servants, investors and businessmen to purchase Dwarka property.

DEFENCE PROPERTIES, founded 2012, has the most comprehensive computerised databases of property for sale or rent in Dwarka.